B.15 Fifteenth Meeting of the Board

1. Opening of the meeting

B.15 Agenda

Item No. Title Board Doc
1. Opening of the meeting  
2. Adoption of the agenda and organization of work pdf
3. Adoption of the report of the fourteenth meeting of the Board  
4. Decisions proposed and approved between the fourteenth and fifteenth meetings of the Board  
5. Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs  
5.a Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs, including outcomes of the Co-Chairs' consultations pdf
5.b Implementation of the Work Plan of the Board for 2016  
6. Report on the activities of the Secretariat pdf
7. Reports from committees, panels and groups pdf
8. Implementation of the Strategic Plan  
9. Draft Work Plan of the Board for 2017 pdf
10 Guidance from the twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22): Co-Chairs’ proposal pdf
11. Progress report on support for REDD-plus pdf
12. Country programming and readiness  
12.a Progress report on the readiness and preparatory support programme
part 1 part 2
12.b Country and accredited entity programmes  
12.c Country ownership guidelines pdf
13. Terms of reference for the annual review of the financial terms and conditions of the Green Climate Fund’s financial instruments
part 1 part 2
14. Matters related to funding proposals  
14.a Status of the Fund’s portfolio: pipeline and approved projects pdf
14.b Review of the initial proposal approval process
part 1 part2
14.c Operational guidelines for the simplified proposal approval process  
14.d Consideration of funding proposals, including from the micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises pilot programme
part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4
15. Staffing of the Secretariat
part 1 part 2
16. Status of resources from the Initial Resource Mobilization pdf
17. Competitive process for the selection of the permanent Trustee
part 1 part 2
18. Policies on the formal replenishment process  
19. Matters related to accreditation  
19.a Consideration of accreditation proposals
part 1 part 2
19.b Accreditation master agreements  
20. Approval of the performance criteria and measurement procedures for the Executive Director of the Secretariat  
21. Approval of the work plans and budgets of the independent accountability units
part 1 part 2 part 3
21.a Independent Redress Mechanism pdf
21.b Independent Integrity Unit pdf
22. Administrative matters  
22.a Report on the execution of the administrative budget for 2016 pdf
22.b Administrative budget and work programme of the Secretariat for 2017
part 1 part 2
22.c Options for operationalization of the Administrative Tribunal  
23. Election of Co-Chairs  
24. Dates and venues of the following meetings of the Board  
25. Other matters  
26. Report of the meeting  
27. Close of the meeting