B.13 Thirteenth Meeting of the Board

26. Close of the meeting [part 1]

B.13 Agenda

Item No. Title Board Doc
1. Opening of the meeting  
2. Adoption of the agenda and organization of work pdf
3. Adoption of the report of the twelfth meeting of the Board  
4. Decisions taken between the twelfth and thirteenth meetings of the Board pdf
5. Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs pdf
5.a Update on the revised 2016 Work Plan pdf
5.b  Update on the Co-Chairs’ consultations  
6. Report on the activities of the Secretariat pdf
6.a  Update on the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Green Climate Fund pdf
7. Reports from committees, panels and groups pdf
7.a Ethics and Audit Committee  
7.b Risk Management Committee  
7.c Investment Committee  
7.d Budget Committee  
7.e Private Sector Advisory Group [closed session]  
7.f Appointment Committee  
7.g Accreditation Panel  
7.h Accreditation Committee [closed session]  
7.i Independent Technical Advisory Panel  
8. Matters related to guidance from the Conference of the Parties  
8.a  Fifth report to the Conference of the Parties pdf
8.b  Adaptation planning processes
part 1 part 2
8.c  The GCF and the Paris Agreement pdf
8.d  Relationship with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change thematic bodies pdf
8.e  Complementarity and coherence with other Funds pdf
  Tribute to inaugural Executive Director Hela Cheikhrouhou  
9. The selection process to appoint the Executive Director  
10. Appointment of the heads of the independent accountability units  
10.a  Appointment of the Head of the Independent Redress Mechanism  
10.b  Appointment of the Head of the Independent Evaluation Unit  
10.c  Appointment of the Head of the Independent Integrity Unit  
11. Strategy on accreditation pdf
12. Funding proposals  
12.a  Update on the status of the Fund’s Pipeline pdf
12.b  Simplified procedure for small-scale activities and certain activities pdf
12.c  Project Preparation Facility
part 1 part 2 part 3
12.d Requests for proposals [closed session] pdf
12.e  Consideration of funding proposals pdf
12.f Matters related to the interim redress procedures
part 1 part 2
12.g Programmatic approach for funding proposals
part 1 part 2
13. Communications of the Fund
part 1 part 2
14. Status of staffing of the Secretariat
part 1 part 2
15. Policies on ethics and conflicts of interest for other Board appointed officials and active observers pdf
16. Status of the initial resource mobilization process pdf
17. Consideration of accreditation proposals
part 1part 2
18. Accreditation Master Agreements [closed session]  
19. Country programming, readiness and preparatory support  
19.a  Readiness and preparatory support pdf
19.b  Country ownership guidelines  
20. Further development of some indicators in the performance measurement framework pdf
21. Interim risk and investment guidelines  
21.a Report on the proposed revision of the risk register pdf
21.b Interim risk and investment guidelines pdf
22. Administrative matters  
22.a  Status of the GCF Administrative Tribunal pdf
22.b  Report on the execution of the administrative budget for 2016 pdf
22.c  Annual report and audited financial statements for 2015 pdf
23. Date of the following meeting of the Board pdf
24. Other matters [none]  
25. Report of the meeting  
26. Close of the meeting
part 1 part 2