B.18 Eighteenth Meeting of the Board

14.a Simplified approvals process for certain small-scale activities [part 2]

B.18 Agenda

Item No. Title Board Doc
1. Opening of the meeting  
2. Adoption of the agenda and organization of work  
3. Adoption of the report of the seventeenth meeting of the Board  
4. Decisions proposed and approved between the seventeenth and eighteenth meetings of the Board  part 1 part 2  
5. Report on the activities of the Co-Chairs  
6. Report on the activities of the Secretariat    
7. Reports from committees, panels and groups         
8. Reports from the Independent Units       
9. Workplan of the Board for 2018 part 1 part 2 part 3  
10. Guidance from the Conference of the Parties   
10.a Actions to be taken by the Board to facilitate an increase in proposals from direct access entities in the pipeline part 1 part 2  
10.b Options for GCF support for collaborative research and development in developing countries part 1 part 2    
11. Matters related to accreditation  
11.a Matters related to the accreditation framework and policy gaps: Co-Chairs’ proposal  
11.b Status of accreditation master agreements  
11.c Consideration of accreditation proposals  
12. Risk management framework part 1 part 2  
13. Review of the structure and effectiveness of the independent Technical Advisory Panel  
14. Policy matters related to the approval of funding proposals   
14.a Simplified approvals process for certain small-scale activities   part 1 part 2  
14.b Request for proposals for REDD-plus results-based payments part 1 part 2 part 3   
14.c Interim restructuring and cancellation policy part 1 part 2  
14.d Status of the GCF pipeline and portfolio    
14.e Status of fulfillment of conditions on relevant approved projects     

Consideration of funding proposals part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

15. Selection of the Permanent Trustee part 1 part 2  
16. Matters related to the first formal replenishment period  
17. Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4  
18. Policies related to prohibited practices, anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism part 1 part 2    
19. Structure and staffing of the Secretariat  
20. Report on the execution of the administrative budget for 2017  
21. Work programme of the Secretariat for 2018 and Administrative budget  
22. Work programmes and budgets of the Independent Units for 2018       
23. Dates and venues of the meetings of the Board in 2018 part 1 part 2  
24. Election of Co-Chairs  
25. Other matters   
25.a Other matters from the seventeenth meeting of the Board   
26. Report of the meeting   
27. Close of the meeting